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SocialMatic.com: A Great Blogging Tool

Lots of people are using social bookmarking engines to bookmark their favorite article,post,or website and share it with the rest of the world. Many bloggers put a lot of social bookmarking buttons in every post. It is rather messy if you have lots of button there. Don't worry, Socialmatic is the right solution. Have you tried Socialmatic, a one-to-all social bookmarking tool?

Why Socialmatic.com?

Socialmatic submits webpage up to 13 social bookmarking sites at once. Submissions are done automatically by a single click. Wow!

Using Socialmatic.com

1.Register a FREE Socialmatic account.
2.After logging in your account, fill in the USERNAME and PASSWORD for 13 social bookmarking sites.
3.Save your logins.
4.Drag Socialmatic bookmark link to your web browser's toolbar.
5.At the webpage you want to bookmark, simply click on the Socialmatic link type (standard or frame) and insert URL, title, description, tag, category and you are done!

In my opinion, Socialmatic is a must-have blogging tool. It saves a lot of my precious time to bookmark to different social bookmarking sites. With 99.95% success rate of delivery, I strongly recommend to my fellow bloggers to use Socialmatic.

Ps;Social bookmarking is a technique to boost your website traffic and get backlinks.

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