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Salam and a very good day..

We delight in producing great graphics. Do you?

Do your love designing graphics? Do your want people all over the world see your design? Have you thought about joining one of the premier graphic design team around? Well, you’re in luck. We're hiring 2 creative graphic designers.

Why testifriendster?

- You can have a link to your website
- No salaries,however a small bonus will be given ;)


- Send to us your sample design(s) or your portfolio
- Expertise in Adobe Photoshop or any other graphic/design tools is an added advantage
- Basic knowledge in HTML is an advantage
- Handsome and Beautiful is a must. Opps,im just kidding hehe:P

Lets join us. Send your email to admin(at)testifriendster.net, im waiting for your email~

Our Team

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izzah said...

ermmm ?? ;)

rem said...

izzah beminat design kah? jom join kitorang..

-hazalliana- said...

nak join..!

paan said...

aku berminat dengan design...tapi masih dalam tempoh belajar lagi...gambar yang ak di hantar tue..100% design kit or boleh edit gambar2 dari google??ada la cuba-cuba sikit.hehehe.


anehaila said...


hvE an nYzdAy,.,

haPi Eid'Lfit'r,.,

i wish ALLAH grAnt us a lOnG lAstinG haPi lYf.,.

2 Ol musLim,.,

hvE a fs??

adD me,,at my Email adD,,.


and alsO in my YM,.,

thE sAmE a smY fs Email-adD

morE poWER and enErgY!!

Nick Ivo Ali said...

salam,.,its so coOl wEbsitE,

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